Top Business Cyber Security Threats to Protect From

Business Cyber Security Threats

Today's reality requires business owners and exceptional attention to security. They are updating protocols, changing codes, and implementing new protection systems. Unfortunately, hackers never sleep, looking for new techniques and attacking methods to break security.


Accenture statistics say businesses will spend $5,2 trillion within five years. That's impressive and scary at the same time. Small businesses are the most likely targets, but middle-size and large-size companies are also in danger. So, what types of business cyber security threats should people expect? First, we highlighted the most dangerous threats, and now we will tell more about them.

Classic Business Cyber Security Threats You May Know

We will start with the threats that are well-known to some users. But unfortunately, some of them still have a negative experience of facing such attacks.

Poor Data Management

Good data management inside the company is not only about having organized data storage and keeping all the systems tidy. The fact that every four years, the amount of information doubles couldn't be ignored, as well as the fact that people don't use a part of it at all. Having too much stored data creates confusion, and the data becomes vulnerable to cyber-attacks.


Such mistakes cost a lot. Companies must pay millions to deal with the consequences and restore part of the data (if possible).

Malware Attacks

The term "malware" describes software with malicious intentions. Several malware is hidden inside the network, acting like parasites. They are slowly draining accounts and profiles for years until there's nothing left to take. Each type of malware acts differently due to specific algorithms.


For example, worms and viruses replicate themselves and insert codes into the programs and systems of the network. The number of purposes for these business cyber security threats could be numerous, but remember that their initial target is your security system.

The Problem of Weak Passwords

How do hackers come inside the security system? Right, kicking out the front door! Whether the system has weak passwords, it may be an easy task. Criminals have myriads of options on how to crack the combination you set. For example, the most common is a dictionary attack. It's hacking when intruders use all usernames and passwords loaded to the system's database. If there is such a simple combination, it will be found shortly. 

Phishing Attacks

For this security threat, people use social engineering and deception. Hackers introduce themselves as trusted people and contact targets to take control of their passwords and other data. Such operations could be performed in several ways (for example, emails with links). Employees should report all emails they receive and improve their passwords to avoid phishing attacks.

New Business Cyber Security Threats You Should Know About

After discussing common threats, we should also mention unknown dangers for some business owners. The best way to repel the attack or even prevent it from happening is to learn more about it, and now we will tell you what you might be missing.

Halt and Catch Fire

As well as the name for the AMC TV series, this is now a self-destruction command for a network or a device. For some criminals, it's just fun when they want to see how something is annihilated. Hackers often contacted employees and offered to perform a cybercrime for a huge payback. Draft human resources and security access strategies to ensure they won't go for it.

Poor Cyber Hygiene

The "trend" of poor cyber hygiene. Unfortunately, it has become popular today and is only getting bigger. Using unprotected wi-fi networks, relying on human memory to manage passwords, and ignoring two-factor authentication. It leads to data breaches, dangerous attacks, and even the destruction of all security protocols. That's why it's essential to increase control over cyber hygiene.

Work With the Best Specialists to Increase the Security Level

Business cyber security threats won't go back. The number of attacks, methods, and tricks only increases because the old stuff doesn't work. It means that they will go for more dirty tricks, and these tricks should have an equal response. That's why trusting cyber security with a professional company is an intelligent choice. MBS Techservices has dealt with business cyber security threats for several years, and the technicians here know how to build a top-notch defense. Do you need to increase your security? You know where to go!



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