Best SOAR Platform for Business on the Market by IBM

The cyber security world doesn't stop even for a second. Developers try to make users feel safer and more comfortable in the cyber space, whereas malicious actors improve their strategies and change the rules of the game all the time. One more solution that helps businesses stay cyber safe and fight back is the SOAR platform - a complex tool where human and ML (Machine Learning) capabilities make a strong outpost in the way of cyber attacks.

What Does SOAR Stand for?

SOAR is Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response and, as a platform, represents a combination of cyber safety tools and solutions for efficient security data browsing and collecting from various sources.

The aspects the SOAR solutions cover include vulnerability and threat management (orchestration), incident response and security operations automation. The SOAR platform enables gathering threat-related data from different resources to automate the security incident response. The majority of the SOAR platforms are easily configurable, and you can use them in your best interests by empowering different scopes to be automated and taking a load of low-prioritized security tasks off your security specialists' minds.

SOAR Features and Benefits

The best SOAR platform can automate excessive and unnecessary manual security operations - getting rid of repetitive tasks, promoting time-saving for the priority of more complicated processes, and more. You and your security team can react to threats faster and smarter. What exactly are state-of-the-art SOAR platforms capable of? They can:

  • Automate manual security operations.
  • Ingest intelligence and act (report, analyze, or handle) immediately.
  • Reduce response time - with or without human interference in the process.
  • Handle low-priority alerts and incidents according to established configurations or by default.
  • Minimize the impact of cyber attacks.
  • Contribute to easy integrations with other cyber security (cloud security, email security, malware analysis, etc.) and IT solutions and tools.
  • Lower costs significantly as a part of business models - on reporting, handling, management, and other aspects integrated SOAR deals with.

Here, we'd like you to learn about IBM Security SOAR as a cost-effective investment guaranteeing business continuity and consistency.

IBM Security SOAR - Best SOAR Platform for Business

IBM Security SOAR (formerly known as IBM Security Resilient) is the leading SOAR platform on the market, ensuring efficient incident response orchestration and automation as well as comfortable integrations with various reliable IT tools. The SOAR platform helps your security team act faster and smarter. It minimizes the impact of cyber attacks and easily fits in your existing cyber security architecture.

Check out other key features of the reliable SOAR platform:

  • Automated security incident investigations
  • Added thorough threat intelligence
  • Custom workflows
  • Tracking metrics (mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) and KPIs for users and incidents  
  • Regulatory compliance and privacy notifications
  • Enhanced collaboration with robust case management
  • Flexible deployment models - on-prem (as an MSSP service) or cloud, Security as a Service (SaaS)
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Built-in automated reporting, analysis, and audit reports
  • Dynamic, additive, and customizable playbooks to ensure consistency, compliance, and efficient remediation
  • Wide integrations deployment potential
  • Complex turns into simple
  • Highly configurable to serve specific needs

Transform Your Incident Response with IBM Security SOAR Platform

The security, orchestration, automation, and response solutions optimize security infrastructure, threat response capabilities and overall business efficiency and consistency and, ultimately, save businesses time and money. Choose IBM Security SOAR for the fastest incident response, the efficient risk mitigation and a chance to take advantage of cyber opportunities safely. Help your security team or security architecture contribute to your business's success.

Reach out to the MBS Tech and find out more about the SOAR platform and other solutions that can satisfy your particular needs. We're glad to help businesses to stay cyber safe and thrive.



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