Security Web Gateway: What, Why, and More Questions Answered

Security Web Gateway

A security web gateway is the best secure solution to boost protection against web-based threats. It has become immensely popular with the current huge increase in malicious activities. Secure web gateway software has even more benefits for businesses we’d like to share with you.

What Is a Security Web Gateway?

Secure web gateway (SWG) software includes gateway security solutions to protect from the invasion of insecure, unauthorized Internet traffic into your corporate network system. It ensures safe web-surfing. Apart from preventing the intrusion and securing the internal system, this gateway solution safeguards your users and employees, enhancing compliance with the current data privacy regulations. One more common benefit of such solutions is data leak prevention.   

Principles of Secure Web Gateway Software Work

SWGs can be specific software or a hardware device installed inside a network or at an endpoint. They represent a barrier through which all incoming and outgoing data has to pass. In the most general sense, the gateway monitors and compares the traffic with internal and global lists to identify the risks.

A security web gateway solution represents a filter for unwanted, insecure web traffic with malicious software. It primarily focuses on the filtering and inspection of URLs and malicious codes, detection of malware, web visibility, control of widespread online apps and other essential functions. Enterprises can easily block suspicious websites or certain content, better comply with stringent data privacy policies, and prevent unauthorized data transfer.

Why Businesses Need SWGs

You can imagine only a few businesses where employees and users utilize a single data center to access services. The prevailing number of companies combine on-prem, remote, cloud-based, BYOD (bring your own device), and other approaches where there are multiple sources for accessing your business network.

Security web gateways are among the most necessary solutions to ensure proper cyber security for mobile users, especially with the rise of hybrid work environment conditions. You have to thoroughly analyze when your users are exposed to cyber threats or simply rely on specifically developed reputable SWG software. 

Top SWG Features to Watch Out for 

The market offers plenty of SWG options these days. So, what to consider to find the best for your needs.

Functionality Basics. SWGs should perform such functions: URL filtering; detection of malicious code, malware, and suspicious payloads; cyber threat prevention for intrusion attempts, etc.; web visibility; data leak prevention; online app control. Choose gateways working well with widespread online applications for instant messaging, etc.

Flexibility and Comfort. Decent security web gateways fight against excessive complexity and should be easily and smoothly built in your corporate cyber security infrastructure. So, it should form a single cloud-based system with the previous network rather than function as a stand-alone tool.

Speed and Support. Mind the pace and character of reaction to associated cyber threats. And pay attention to support options a security web gateway solution offers.  

Proven Quality. Cyber security is a field where you shouldn't go for unreliable MSSPs. Read reviews, ask experienced cyber security experts, and ultimately choose the firm with appropriate experience and expertise like MBS Tech. 

Benefits of SWGs

The main benefits of secure web gateway software include easy deployment, risk reduction and prevention, cloud-derived nature, cost efficiency, advanced data privacy compliance, and increased visibility.

MBS Tech Recommends the Best SWG Solutions for Business and Individuals

We always choose what performs best in real life, in actual practice. Check out the top security web gateways we recommend.  

Forcepoint Web Security: real-time protection against advanced threats and data theft.

Zscaler Internet Access: an SWG service from the cloud with high scalability capabilities.

Our team can help choose the best solutions matching your particular queries. We have multiple answers to protect your business and enhance compliance. Reach out to us or request demos or brochures of our specific services you found potentially helpful. We always promote a conscious and individual approach to cyber security.



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