Remote Computer Access: Security Risks

In the business area, remote computer access is the term used to identify some or all employees' capability to work in a network and access nonpublic business data without a physical presence in the office or other on-premise workplace - operate from a remote place. Here, we'd like to speak about security risks and concerns followed by recently increased remote computer access popularity.

Remote Computer Access: Old Technology, New Challenges

Remote access isn't a new technology on the market, but the scopes it is covering are higher than ever. This technology has always seemed tempting to malicious actors, and now it's one of the initial elements of hackers' more and more sophisticated strategies.

The benefits of remote computer access are numerous, and it makes businesses competitive, scalable, prosperous, versatile, and agile. You can have no limits in accessing a computer or network from any device provided remote access is secure. Otherwise, this useful technology can become an effective tool in hackers' hands.

How Remote Computer Access Works

There are many free and paid remote computer access solutions you can easily check out on the Internet. Here are the cyber security features you should check if you want to find up-to-date remote access software:

  • MFA;
  • Encryption;
  • IP filtering;
  • Modes for limited access;
  • Compliance with stringent regulations;
  • Custom configurations.

Meanwhile, many companies work with built-in software, such as Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) - one of the most popular protocols for remote access. However, the protocol isn't the most efficient solution by itself, and it needs conscious configurations and behaviour.

Remote Computer Access Vulnerabilities and Threats

The most common remote computer access vulnerability is that remote client devices often feature much weaker cyber security levels. Without proper protection with reliable firewalls, antiviruses and other cyber security software and measures, organizations are at higher risks of becoming a target of cyber attacks because of employees' ignorance or lack of cyber security awareness. No matter how strong your business network is, if cyber security doesn't cover every aspect of your company, there is still much to do. One employee accessing your data through an untrusted connection or in a hostile environment can ruin the entire enterprise.

Apart from proper cyber security for the environment where remote client devices function, everything has to be adequately configured. Poor configuration is a widespread vulnerability that can easily hide from an inexperienced eye.  

What are remote computer access biggest threats? Everything concerning remote client's level of protection - from unauthorized access to complete data losses and other cybercrime.

Moreover, even if a remote client is well protected, there is still a chance that it can be lost or stolen.

How to Reduce Security Risks of Remote Computer Access

Remote access is a feature that is saving us during the difficult pandemic period. It's better to be fully protected and take advantage of the essential technology than lose to competitors who've already adapted to the new reality of work. Take some basic steps to work with remote computer access to your benefit:

  • Utilize the most efficient authentication solutions to safeguard your login process
  • Enable encryption
  • Establish strong and regular cyber security awareness training for employees 
  • Secure external devices (remote access client devices)
  • Use reputable and the most effective firewall management solutions like Tufin SecureTrack 
  • Update operational systems and software
  • Utilize up-to-date cyber security software, this progressive technology and don't forget about regular updating
  • Set up restricted remote computer access modes
  • Reach out to cyber security experts at MBS Tech to conduct proper risk assessments and regular security audits

With our tips and expert help, you'll manage to minimize the security risks of remote computer access and be able to use all the opportunities this progressive technology can give to your business. Be cyber smart to stay safe!



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