Cyber Security Employment Investigation 2021

This year of massive cyber attacks showed the world the real danger of a poor cyber security condition. With the incredible speed and spread of cybercrime - and ransomware attacks particularly - $6 trillion predicted to be the cost of cybercrime globally in 2021 already seems more and more realistic, if not underestimated. If hackers got so smart utilizing high-end tools and sophisticated techniques that they could breach the world's best tech companies, can you imagine what they might do to businesses with low or no protection? With cyber security as a current prime concern, cyber security employment represents an interesting direction to investigate.

As a professional cyber security specialists recruiter, we've already shared our best tips about top cyber security talent recruitment. Now we want to show what's happening on the cyber security jobs market after many businesses finally realized its importance.

Cyber Security Employment Opportunities

Over some period, cyber security is in such great demand that anybody who studied or already worked in this area and wants to have a job has extremely high chances to get what they wish. And the gap between unfilled cyber security positions is only increasing. The pandemic hit the majority of spheres, but cyber security stays too vital to leave alone. Let's see what cyber security positions are sought after the most.

C-Level Cyber Security Jobs

C-level jobs are essential in every sphere, including cyber security. And you can certainly find C-level openings of the world's leading companies as they are in constant search of top talents for many reasons - upgrading, renewing, etc., their existing system. Some C-level or C-suite cyber security jobs include: 

  • CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) - in most cases, the most crucial position and those who are good at it are incredibly sought-after, 
  • CFO (Chief Financial Officer) - maintaining cyber safety by investigating risks, investment viability, creating a disaster recovery plan, etc., 
  • CRO (Chief Risk Officer), 
  • CTO (Chief Technology Officer), 
  • CIO (Chief Information Officer).

Other Factors of Cyber Security Employment

Not only do cyber security job titles matter, but particular skills are also of different levels of preference. The most wanted include development and operations (DevOps) and cloud security management as a top-notch up-to-date solution for high security. Other in-demand skills include cyber investigation, risks and threats assessment and management, incident response, data compliance, data privacy, and security strategy development.

Does Location Matter for Cyber Security Employment?

While it's been rather important for many employers to have their team in the office, things are changing right now. And many factors play a certain role in the shift, including cyber security expert's expertise, the present and future of remote work, etc.

Meanwhile, places where cyber security remains the area for in-office activity can also provide various positions for the specialists of this field. With cyber security staff gaps the world's facing, location isn't a serious concern here. 

Cyber Security Specialists Recruitment by Experts at MBS Tech

Cyber security is too important in today's digital world. Every business should do its best to keep cyber safe. If your business permanently needs cyber security services, there are three main ways to find top talents:

  • recruit on your own if you're aware enough of the field,
  • opt for managed cyber security services,
  • or reach out to professional cyber security recruiters and delegate all tough decisions to them.

MBS Tech can help with any of these ways by giving detailed issue-oriented consultation, providing top-tier outsourced services, or finding perfect candidates matching particular needs. Choose our trusted cyber security company to ensure that your organization's cyber security state and condition stay up to date. Be sure that we're always ready to have you covered in the current world of uncertainty and constant fight against cybercriminals.



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