Cloud Security Solutions from IBM

There are still lots of misconceptions about the cloud's reliability, which is explained by the lack of user awareness and the presence of a large amount of not entirely reliable information. In most cases, the convenience provided by cloud services far outweighs the consequences of potential reliability and security issues. So, let's figure out how the security system works in the cloud.

Cloud Security in Details

Keep your data confidential, safe, and compliant in the cloud while the best practices and innovative technologies will protect it. Get optimized control, improved system reliability, and start preventing potential attacks and identifying incidents.

Besides, developing business continuity and data backup plans is highly essential in emergencies like a security breach. There are various private, public, and hybrid cloud security solutions. 

Why is the Cloud Safer than Traditional Systems?

Some people still believe that clouds are not as safe as traditional on the premises systems. Clouds managed by professionals guarantee the following benefits:

  • physical protection;
  • advanced cloud security tools (micro-segmentation), threat detection and response;
  • combination of technical expertise from the entire data security team.

The importance of Cloud Security

The traditional security approach is no longer enough as highly interdependent, and distributed resources are used for cloud computation. Make profits from cloud computing and minimize risks with robust cloud security plans that usually help companies. Besides, our top tips for enterprises on the multi cloud security best practices will help you.


Cloud security provides many benefits, including the following:

  • Being protected against attacks. Protecting companies from intruders and cyber attacks is the main goal of cloud security. 
  • Security of data. The information won't fall into the wrong hands due to different cloud security processes like encryption.
  • Increased availability. Cloud security services not only help address key security concerns but also monitor and support.
  • Improved reliability. For a more reliable operation, a smart approach to cloud security provides built-in redundancy.
  • Legislation compliance. Cloud architecture can be complex and challenging while complying with industry regulations.

Besides, MBS Techservices Inc. is ready to help you maintain this compliance by providing cloud security and support. We will scan all traffic to identify and block malware and other threats.

Best Methods of Providing Cloud Security

Both the cloud service provider and the company that owns the data are responsible for cloud security. It is necessary to:

  1. Know their cloud security responsibilities, rather than rely heavily on the cloud provider.
  2. Have an understanding of the cloud architecture to avoid the emergence of security vulnerabilities due to misconfiguration;
  3. Disconnect unused ports;
  4. Delete unnecessary processes and resource instances, as they can cause vulnerabilities.

DDoS Attacks

These are attacks aimed at loading all available service resources to make them inaccessible to users. Since the payment is for the actual consumption of resources, a sharp increase in traffic will considerably affect the consumed cloud resources cost at the time of a DDoS attack.


  • choose tariff plans without paying for the actual amount of consumed traffic;
  • disable automatic growth of hosting resources if possible; 
  • adjust the performance of your cloud manually.

Common Myths

  • IT security inside the company is more reliable than in the cloud;
  • data from the cloud is easier to steal than from inside the company.

Moreover, the vast majority of data leaks occur not on the service side but the user side. An increased source of threats is not external attackers but the company's employees themselves, who already have access to the company's information resources. Leaks can be caused by unintentional actions or deliberate sabotage (selling information to competitors, revenge on someone, etc.).

Secure your Cloud with IBM

When transferring data to the cloud, you should carefully weigh the risks, take into account the reliability of cloud providers, assess the potential losses from possible downtime, and familiarize yourself with the regulators' penalties.

With the right approach, clouds can present more excellent reliability and usability of business applications than existing IT infrastructure and improve your business's efficiency. Anyway, you can always rely on MBS Techservices Inc..


Most organizations have a complex, ever-expanding number of security tools and vendors.  A platform to integrate them enables them to respond faster. IBM Cloud Pak for Security secures cloud and coordinates incident response to minimize risk to the organization. Conact MBS Techservices to learn more about this solution and whether it responds your demands and expectations.



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