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Red Seal Networks


A resilient network repels cyberattacks, contains breaches, and is quickly repaired.

Network breaches aren’t new, they’ve occurred for years -- for sport, for profit, for ideology. But what has changed is businesses’ reliance on their networks, network size and complexity, the visibility and sophistication of breaches, and the level of management accountability. More is at stake. Your network has become fundamental to your business. Corporate boards are taking notice.  Even with billions invested in hundreds of network security products – breaches continue to happen. This is where RedSeal can help. RedSeal’s cybersecurity analytics platform is purpose built for the largest and most complex networks, so you can maximize your network’s resilience.

RedSeal helps repel attacks by modeling your actual network and determining your security priorities. It helps contain breaches by pinpointing necessary actions, and speeds repair by providing all the information you need to mitigate security issues.

See the RedSeal Corporate Brochure.

Network device exposure calculator

To see the magnitude of network complexity and how just one line in a configuration file can affect your risk and exposure,  check out our network device exposure calculator here.