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Red Seal Networks

Actively manage your digital resilience capabilities.

Even with the billions invested in hundreds of network security products, incidents, breaches, and failures are inevitable.

The most forward-thinking business leaders realize that the best approach is to make their networks resilient. Resilience is the ability to stay in business and minimize damage to your customers, your reputation, and your bottom line when the inevitable incident happens. Even though you can never prevent every attack, a resilient network can prevent an incident from becoming a breach, stopping an attacker in his tracks.

So how do you measure and manage your digital resilience? That’s where RedSeal’s security analytics platform comes in.

RedSeal’s security analytics platform gives you the power to:

Understand your network.

RedSeal analyzes your network and automatically builds a model, so you can understand and continuously monitor your whole network.

Measure resilience.

With your RedSeal Digital Resilience Score, you can measure, benchmark, and set targets to actively manage the digital resilience of your network and security infrastructure.

Verify compliance.

By revealing configuration errors and discovering unintended access paths, the RedSeal security analytics platform helps you verify compliance with established operating standards, policies and regulations.

Accelerate response to security incidents and network vulnerabilities.

The RedSeal security analytics platform provides actionable intelligence for rapid response by identifying exposed assets and prioritizing actions. Waste no time with guesswork.