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Insider Threat Training

Combating Insider Threats for Enterprises

For an organization to combat (Detect, Mitigate, Prevent) the Insider Threat, it needs to establish a comprehensive and integrated Insider Threat Program that is comprised of individuals from various departments, business units and supporting functions. Because each organization is unique, the structure of the Insider Threat Program may be different. The end result for any Insider Threat Program is the identification of suspicious or malicious activities and behavioral indicators by the Insider, as these are crucial in limiting or neutralizing the potential damage that may be caused by an Insider.

Whether you’re a Government Agency or private sector organization, Insider Threat Defense can help.

  • We can train your employees responsible for protecting your assets from the Insider Threat.
  • We will provide your employees with the knowledge and resources (From Basic To Advanced) to develop, implement, manage or support an Insider Threat Program for your organization.
  • We will assist your organization with developing, implementing or managing your Insider Threat Program.
  • We will conduct Insider Threat Risk Assessments of your organization.

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