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How we Differ from our Competition

We are security software agnostic. We don’t take vendors’ word for it, we test all products.

We know the market, we follow the most current trends and developments, and we know what gets released in the market. We do not sell vendors’ products wrapped up in well-versed promises to solve all your cyber security issues. Our relationships with software vendors are not exclusive; we have no major vendor ties to eliminate bias. We work with a multitude of them so that we have a luxury to select the most effective and relevant solutions for our clients from a wide array of those in the marketplace.

Our security experts test these products before even considering them for our clients. As a result, we can with the utmost confidence say which software works and which does not. Driven by our meticulous approach, we maintain a list of security software products, which performance does not match the promises given by their expensive marketing campaigns.

Each client treated individually.

Malicious cyber activities can impact reputation, financials and ability to stay in business. Cyber security risks vary in their significance depending on the nature of business, depth of cyber dependence, regulatory requirements, internal cyber security hygiene and employee training.

MBS Tech offers solutions that are customized and tailored to individual businesses. We work with our clients to assess their security posture and find solutions best fitting their current and future needs. We listen to our clients, we learn about their operations, compliance requirements, their business strategy, and budget.

We analyze. We evaluate. We tell our clients what is URGENT, what is CRITICAL, and what is JUST PERCEIVED to be important. We tailor our services and solutions to reduce cyber vulnerability within the client’s financial capacity.

We don’t patch holes and leaks. Our solutions are comprehensive.

We provide a full cycle of business consultancy services. We start with assessments of corporate security posture and compliance audits. Our experts examine the client’s business operational processes and strategic plans to understand the security risks and requirements. Then we identify vulnerabilities and gaps between desired and existing security posture. Our experts prioritize their severity and come up with the sequence of actionable findings and remediation plans.

Further, we advise on the mix of products and solutions available in the marketplace and work with their manufacturers to arrive at the best deals for our clients. We provide training to the corporations to improve their resistance to the internal threats.

In unfortunate cases of successful cybercrimes, our investigators locate the culprits, assess damages and advise on the cyber protection improvements.

Cyber insurance services create an additional layer of protection against financial losses resulting from cybercrimes.

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