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FireMon is the global leader in proactive security intelligence solutions that deliver continuous visibility and control of infrastructure, policy and IT risk for large organizations.


Real-time network risk detection, threat simulation, change workflow automation, firewall rule cleanup and recertification, and continuous compliance assessment are key capabilities of the massively scalable, high performance FireMon Security Intelligence Platform.


Security Manager >

  • Device rules audit and activity reporting
  • Hidden rules and rule usage analysis
  • Firewall activity and complexity reporting

Policy Planner >

  • Firewall policy change workflow
  • Device policy change tracking
  • Device rules analysis and recommendation

Policy Optimizer >

  • Rule recertification automation
  • Intelligent policy review and editing
  • Policy compliance and rules recertification

Risk Analyzer >

  • IT risk exposure assessment
  • Attack path mapping and threat simulation
  • Exposure-based risk prioritization


“FireMon’s rule usage reports allowed us to drastically improve our firewalls’ performance which, in turn, has reduced downtime and allowed us to utilize additional security features such as IPS.”

“FireMon significantly helps with compliance assessors (i.e. PCI DSS) as well as helps safely manage firewall rule sets in a clear picture. FireMon allows for the most junior person to understand a network in a short study time frame.”

ROI: 54% of surveyed FireMon customers have a payback period of 12 months or less.