IoT Cyber Security: New Technology Brings More Risks

IoT Cyber Security

Even if a person has never heard of IoT, we may assure you they use it without realizing this fact. Our article is about the trending Internet of Things (IoT) technology and the cyber security issues it faces.


The current number of IoT devices all over the world exceeds 20 billion, and it is going to grow fast over the years. Both individuals and companies love the benefits the devices bring to their lives - unprecedented comfort for everyday routines as well as services for more complicated spheres with considerable economic gain for the business. Nowadays, it is difficult to think of a field where IoT isn’t used - it’s everywhere. So, what exactly is IoT?

What Is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network connecting devices via the Internet. Anyone can easily trace the visual start from a user (a person or some kind of robotics) and the final step with some information finding itself in a cloud-based platform or some data centres.


However, the process inside is much more complicated. The entire system of a typical IoT device (a wearable, CCTV, industrial manufacturing, etc.) is basically the same. It includes firmware, protective services, sensors, processors, network connectivity, power and related elements, memory, and storage. 


Also, there are many specialists - hardware and software developers, various IT experts, including cyber security professionals, etc. - behind IoT devices who are supposed to work together to guarantee the high performance of the entire system.

What Does IoT Have to Do with Cyber Security?

Cyber security is among the vital concerns raised around IoT devices. IoT gathers unseen numbers of objects together. Meanwhile, each step of their production and functioning - from developing the tiniest elements of IoT devices to ending up in users’ hands, who can be individuals, manufacturers, or supply chain organizations - has a potential risk of malicious activities. The opportunities for hackers are immense if the cyber security level is poor.

IoT Cyber Security Concerns and Challenges

As we’ve already mentioned, cyber security threats can occur at any step of production and usage. There are too many scenarios for potential risks to uncover them all, but we may focus on the most widespread IoT cyber security concerns.


IoT can be a target of most cybercrime types alone or together, including phishing attacks, data thefts, DDoS attacks, spoofing, ransomware attacks, etc.

IoT Cyber Security Concerns during Production

Any IoT device requires many hardware and software developers and manufacturers to ensure its quality and high performance. Every element of a typical IoT device consists of smaller details with a separate team working on them. There are also supply chain organizations at every step of the way.


The whole process of creation of digital and physical layers can potentially have mistakes, misinterpreting, lack of communication between different teams, etc. All of which opens many doors and windows for malicious actors. That is why cyber security is among the most critical concerns that lack proper attention in many IoT systems.   

Users’ IoT Cyber Security Concerns 

Even the tiniest IoT device may do much harm if it is compromised. That is why using IoT devices needs extra caution from users and businesses. As recent reports on IoT-related breaches show, IoT devices can be faulty. However, both individuals and companies should implement an end-to-end approach and secure physical devices, data, and connectivity. It can help avoid negative consequences.


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