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Audits and Assessments

Assessment of the corporate cyber security stance is the first step in building defense against internal and external cyber threats. We offer one-time engagements, as well as recurring services, which frequency is determined by the client’s business needs.

Compliance Audits

MBS Tech does not create any in-house built fancy-named assessment programs or services. We adhere to what is accepted by the industry as standards.

We identify our client’s security requirements in order to better assess all relevant cyber risks. We determine strengths and weaknesses of our clients’ security posture with respect to business risks. We conduct evaluation of critical infrastructure against various risks and threats, examine vulnerabilities and cyber readiness posture and execute other checks in accordance with the industry compliance standards.

Our consultants examine gaps and areas of focus for developing the proper defence mechanisms, issue recommendations and guidance to enhance resilience and address vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with the cyber security standards.

The number and type of cyber security standards changes and gets adjusted in time. Some of the agencies, whose cyber security standards are on the forefront of the compliance are: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

Penetration Testing

Penetration test (“pentest”) simulates a real attack against infrastructure, applications, as well as controls and processes around the networks and applications, in a controlled environment.  Results of theses tests allow our consultants to evaluate our client’s system’s capacity and verify if servers or applications will resist hostile attacks, and whether the identified vulnerabilities can lead to further intrusion and exploitation. We provide the recommendations on how to improve defenses against technological vulnerabilities.

Pentests can be executed on a one-time basis or periodically, as part of the MBS Tech’s ongoing service package to ensure the consistent level of protection against cyber threats.

Who needs these services:

  • Businesses subject to compliance with customer and shareholder requirements, regulations and standards.

  • Businesses who have been hacked and now want to find out about the threats to their systems to reduce the risk of additional attacks.

  • Businesses proactively learning about threats they face as a whole organization or a new system before it goes live.

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