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MBS Techservice is the Authoritative Source for information security. We deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions and services for enterprise-class organizations including businesses, governments and educational institutions to successfully plan, build and operate their security systems and programs.

MBS Techservices mission is to provide unprecedented value to our clients, partners, employees and shareholders. We have an unrivaled passion for security and are able to deliver on our commitment to client success, results and quality because of our unique combination of the following:

Comprehensive Breadth of Capabilities and Range of Services – MBS Techservices provides the comprehensive set of services and solutions you need to cover nearly every aspect of building and maintaining your enterprise-class information security program.

Exceptional Team – MBS Techservices LABS is our team of 18+ highly skilled security professionals focused on developing and delivering solutions that solve your specific security problems as well as those of the industry at large.

Powerful Partnerships – MBS Techservices has exclusive and powerful partnerships with industry-leading security product manufacturers, distributors, and global logistics and diversity partners, among others.

Advanced Research – MBS Techservices researches advanced threats, methods, architectures, models and technologies, and combines its findings with hands-on experience to provide you with better solutions and strategies.

Client Success Approach – MBS Techservices offers a practical and proven methodology that is supported by our client-first culture and backed by our specialized team of solutions architects and engineers. This combination enables us to help you achieve your security objectives